March 2022

Dr. Tosin Smith was introduced to CVC by Dr. Brad Bowman when she first moved to Texas in 2010. He mentioned the wonderful work that was being done at the Child Vision Center and the contributions of many other eye sub-specialists in providing much-needed expert care to this unique population subset. Pediatric glaucoma patients are best served by surgeons with experience in taking care of this disease and so because of her background doing just that at the University of Mississippi Medical center in Jackson, and her love for taking care of kids, she joined the eye physicians at the CVC. 


“First, kids are such a delight to care for and could be a lot of fun interacting within the clinic. Watching them grow from the baby you started with to teens and young adults is rewarding. When they don’t feel well, it’s so easy to tell. Secondly, not many people work with pediatric glaucoma patients because it’s complex, and so the opportunity to provide care makes a real difference that could be life changing and impact a lifetime. In some instances, one surgery can last 30-40 years but there are also many kids that require multiple surgeries to achieve our treatment goal. Lastly, as you work through a case, you build strong relationships not just by partnering with kids and their parents, but with the other community of specialist that work together as a care team.” – Dr. Smith

September 2017

This recent video release tells the heartwarming story of a Haitian boy who was brought to the U.S. to gain his sight. Michael Hunt, M.D., of Pediatric Eye Specialists, performed surgeries to remove cataracts and repair Strabismus, a misalignment of the eyes.

May 2016

In our continuous efforts to better serve our patients, Child Vision Center purchased a new Canon Autorefractor Keratometer in May. This computer-controlled machine will measure how light changes as it enters the patient’s eye. By utilizing this advanced technology, the new machine will provide wider and more objective measurements for glasses and contact lens prescriptions.

April 2016

Child Vision Center is proud to announce another successful international fellowship, completed in April, with Sonya-Kay Forbes, M.B.B.S., of Jamaica. During her time with us, Dr. Forbes attended the 2016 AAPOS annual meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia. She plans to be the first pediatric ophthalmologist in Kingston, Jamaica.

May 2015

We are completing our second Child Vision Center/Alcon (a Novartis company) international fellowship. The three-month fellowship, generously funded by Alcon, allows an ophthalmologist from another country the opportunity to observe and learn more about patient care, surgery, diagnostic testing and research with the doctors of Child Vision Center. Ibrahim Matende, MD, of Mombassa, Kenya, and Nguyen Van Huy, MD, of Hanoi, Vietnam, have reported learning greatly from their experiences with the opportunity to return to their countries where they will treat patients and teach others. Applications for the next fellowship are currently being reviewed.

January 2015

The doctors of the Child Vision Center are launching a study to examine a potential role for eyelid hygiene as a preventative measure for the signs and symptoms of blepharitis, a common inflammatory condition of eyelids. This condition causes bothersome symptoms resulting in discomfort for patients, school days lost, and potentially avoidable health care costs. The study aims to determine the potential need by the medical community to promote prophylactic eyelid hygiene, resulting in less symptoms, fewer work and school days lost, and savings of medical dollars.

November 2014

The doctors of Child Vision Center have been a part of two major publications related to the use of Bevacizumab. Dr. Hunt was a primary investigator, and Drs. Hunt, Norman and Packwood served on the executive committee for this breakthrough study that is revolutionizing the way we treat infants with potentially blinding eye disease (retinopathy of prematurity). The original article was published in “The New England Journal of Medicine.” The National Center for Biotechnology Information has the second article.